Members and Committee

J.E.C. is open to any mycologist or mycophile interested in the study of the genus Cortinarius within the statute of the Association. The annual fee is 40 € / 45 CHF (60 € / 65 CHF for a couple receiving only one copy of the annual JEC Journal). To become a member, address your request to the Chairman of the JEC.

Members of the Board:

  • Oswald Rohner, Switzerland, Chairman
  • Francesco Bellù, Italy, Vice Chairman
  • Jacques Melot, Iceland, Vice Chairman
  • Yngvar Cramer, Switzerland, Secretary
  •  Erika Bühler, Switzerland, Treasurer

Additional members of the Committee; national representatives:

  • Tor-Erik Brandrud, Norway
  • Nico Dam, Netherlands
  • Rafael Mahiques, Spain
  • André Bidaud, France
  • Imre Rimóczi, Hungary
  • Claudio Rossi, Italy
  • Günter Saar, Germany
  • Karl Soop, Sweden

Honorary members:

  • Jacques Melot, Iceland
  • Corsino Gutierrez, Spain
  • Jean Rovéa, France
  • Doris Laber, Germany
  • Helmut Schrepfer, Germany
  • Esteri Ohenoja, Finnland